The Ultimate Mover's Guide to Harrisburg PA

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Are you planning on moving to the Harrisburg PA community? Our town is the capital of Pennsylvania located in the heart of Dauphin County. Our town offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. There are also there are plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Here at ABC Storage, we have provided a quick and easy guide to our town! Harrisburg PA Community Population - 49,230 Average Home Value - $78,900 Average Rent - $834 Overall, Harrisburg is below the national average when it comes to the average rent and the average value of a home. Our town was also ranked #1 for the Best Place for Young Professionals to Live and Most Diverse Places to Live in Dauphin County. Places to Visit in Harrisburg PA Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex The National Civil War Museum Wildwood Park El Sol Restaurant The Jackson House Peachtree Restaurant and Lounge Self Storage in Harrisburg PA Are you planning on moving to Harrisburg or are in need of extra room in your residency? ABC Storage is here to help. Our location offers both drive up storage units and temperature controlled interior storage units of different sizes that fit your budget and needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help pick and choose the perfect unit for you. You can also purchase all the moving supplies you need. View all available units and rent one of them out by giving us a call, stopping by our office, or visiting our website today. ...

April 2nd, 2020

Cleaning Challenge: Task A Day for Spring


Are you up for the challenge? A task a day will keep the dust away! ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA is getting your ready to disinfect your home in preparation for future cookouts and celebrations. Work through the house this month cleaning one thing each day and before you know it everything is organized. Need more space? ABC Storage can help! Reserve your storage unit online today and start storing your seasonal items in self storage. Week One: Bathroom Replace shower curtains and rugs in the bathroom Unclogg the drain with household products like vinegar and baking soda Make grout shine with baking soda toothpaste Grapefruit and salt will remove soap scum easily Week Two: Bedroom & Living Room Run an empty washing machine to clean and disinfect Shampoo carpets, especially in high traffic areas Clean dust and dirt off the walls with bleach and hot water. Sweep under the bed - you may find some missing socks or shoes! Clean the dryer vents out Week Three: Kitchen Place a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher to clean your appliance Wipe out the microwave by heating up a bowl of water Grab the grilling utensils from storage and clean them up before for the first cookout Wipe down shelves and drawers in the fridge Week Four: Outside The House Pick up sticks and leave left behind from fall Prune trees and shrubs to support them as they bloom Wash dirt off the front door and exterior siding Clean garbage cans and recycling bins out with bleach Visit Your Storage Unit Don't forget about your storage unit here at ABC Storage! Our extra self storage is helpful this time of year for storing seasonal items. Add it to the list to visit each season and take inventory of what you have. Donate items to our Charity Storage auction and complete your spring cleaning challenge. Need to Rent a Storage Unit? Reserve a drive up storage unit today! Our outdoor storage units are ideal for storing your household items as well as you business needs. ABC ...

March 1st, 2020

10 Shed Organization Ideas


Is your garage or shed underutilized? ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has the shed organization ideas to bring your home storage back to working order. After the winter it can be tough getting into the shed. With the right space and organization tips, you will be set all season. 10 Shed Organization Ideas Make a screwdriver rack for in front of your workbench. Install pegboard and baskets as easy shelves. Use doors to hang up bike helmets and other lightweight items. Repurpose shed tools with a durable golf bag. Hang up the hose! Attach a small metal bucket to the wall and use it as a place to wrap the hose. Create an outdoor storage cupboard. Great for storing gardening tools. Hang up hats, gloves, and handkerchiefs so you never misplace them. Store seasonal items in a storage unit close by. Install metal magnetic shelves above your work area. Divide up your space according to the category of items. Use our self storage in Harrisburg to get your home storage space organized! ABC Storage is ready to help you store for spring and be prepared for summer projects. Talk with us today about renting your ideal self storage space. ...

February 23rd, 2020

How To Recover Useable Space After the Holidays

Self Storage Tips

Where did all your space go? If you find your open layout is no longer as open as you would like, renting a storage unit can help. Your holiday illuminations need space all their own, so no light goes broken. ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has organization tips to kick off the decade in the right direction. Whether it is your new year's resolution or an annual process, our post-holiday organization tips are helpful. Learn 5 quick tips to keep things straight during the new year. Hang wreaths from coat hangers with a garbage bag on top. Shoe organizers make simple sorting for wrapping paper. Shrinkwrap artificial trees to keep all parts together. Suspend rods in a storage bin to hang rows of ornaments inside. Stack plastic cups inside boxes to keep tree decorations safe. ABC Storage Amenities For You Parking Spaces for Rent Storage units in multiple sizes. Online solutions - pay your bill or rent your storage unit Knowledgeable staff on site. Directly off Allentown Boulevard Choosing a Storage Unit for Holiday Storage Which is the right size unit for the number of boxes you are storing? Use our quick size guide to help narrow down your choices. Once the storage unit is narrowed down, start moving your items to storage at ABC Storage on Meadow Lane. Our customers have access to the facility every day from 6 am to 10 pm. Rent online or come in to talk with our team today! ...

January 7th, 2020

We Are More Than Self Storage

Self Storage Tips

Functional Self-Storage Units ABC Storage is a leading operator of spacious self-storage units in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We offer several options, including standard and climate-controlled storage units, as well as recreational vehicle and trailer storage.2 Columns Security Measures By having security cameras and individual unit alarms installed within our units, we maintain uninterrupted security systems. To further protect our customers’ properties, we strictly prohibit the storage of: Flammable Materials Explosives Leaking Containers Hazardous Items Required Space Our outdoor storage area can store recreational vehicles and trailers up to 25’ long. As for other indoor storage, the presentation below illustrates different unit sizes to help you determine the size you need.Header with Textbox Required Space Our outdoor storage area can store recreational vehicles and trailers up to 25’ long. As for other indoor storage, the presentation below illustrates different unit sizes to help you determine the size you need.• 5’ x 10’ - Household Items, Furniture, Lawn Furniture, Garden Equipment 5’ x 20’ - Furniture and Household Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment without Appliances 10’ x 10’ - Furniture and Household Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment without Appliances 10’ x 15’ - Furniture and Household Items from a Two-Bedroom Apartment or a Small House with Major Appliances 10’ x 20’ - Furniture, Household Items, and Major Appliances from a Moderate to Large-Sized House or Small Automobile 10’ x 30’ - Contents of a 50’ Moving Van or a Small Automobile and a Row of Boxes  Contact us in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to obtain our cost-efficient self-storage units. ...

January 2nd, 2020

Top 5 Questions to Ask Movers

Moving Tips

Before hiring a team of experts what should you ask to make your move a success? ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has 5 questions to make hiring local movers a little easier. What to ask movers before hiring How should we prepare for moving day? What is the earliest you need to know my official moving date? How is your staff trained? Do you provide insurance to cover your employees if hurt on the job? Should we have moving supplies available if needed on moving day? These 5 questions will start the search for a reliable moving company to help you. ABC Storage is a local Harrisburg PA storage facility that helps with more than just storing. We provide our customers with a long list of neighborhood friends that help with situations just like this. Whether first-time movers or you have done this before, moving can have a lot of steps involved. Let our team assist today. Storage & Moving: The Perfect Pair Do you find yourself needing a little extra space to help with a move? ABC Storage has you covered! We have RV storage, outdoor parking spaces, and drive up storage units. Our space can keep your items safe while you find the ideal place to call home. Reserve your storage unit online today! ...

December 3rd, 2019

Which Storage Supplies Can Help You

Self Storage Tips

Choosing the right supplies goes past having the right number of boxes. ABC Storage knows that the right tools for the job can set you up for success in your storage unit. Stop in our office on Meadow Lane to discuss storage options as well as pick up storage supplies. Purchasing the right storage unit: 3 Easy Tips Take inventory of what you need to store Make a note of any specialty items that require special features. For example, storing your RV or boat Use our size guide to easily tell which is the correct storage unit to purchase. Helpful Supplies for A First Time Storer New to self storage? No problem! Pick up these supplies to keep your items safe while in storage. Damp Rid or a moisture-controlled product Storage Lock - Find one that can withstand the weather Heavy-Duty Tarps - Great for protecting everything in transit as well as a barrier for moisture on the storage unit floor. Covers - Fabric can accumulate dust while in storage, so to protect your furniture, find the right cover. Labels - These will be helpful when unpacking or sorting seasonal boxes. Storing the whole house or a few items from the holidays, ABC Storage has tools to help. ...

November 3rd, 2019