Tips for Prepping a Vehicle for Winter Storage

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Hey, central Pennsylvania residents, winter is coming. It is time to pack up your four-wheel toys into storage for colder months. Pennsylvania can bring on some harsh winter weather, but with ABC Storage, your car, boat, trailer, or RV can stay in good shape until you need it again in the spring. Stop by our self storage facility on North Meadow Road to see our vehicle storage solutions for winter! Once you pick out storage that works for you, prepare your vehicle to be stored away with these tips. Wash Interior & Exterior You want to come back to your vehicle in the same condition you left it. Take the time to give your car a good cleaning—inside and out. When you finish scrubbing the exterior well, buff it out with some wax. Keep your paint job in top shape and prevent rusting. The inside also deserves as much attention. Crumbs can attract pests, and you do not want to return to a stain that has been sitting for months. Fill Up Gas Tank Make sure to fill your gas tank before storing your vehicle. This leaves less room for moisture to form and helps to avoid rusting in the fuel system. You should add stabilizer to your gas tank if you plan to store your vehicle for more than three months. Stabilizer absorbs moisture inside the tank and prevents varnish and gum. Self Storage in Harrisburg PA ABC Storage on North Meadow Lane is close to Skyline View and Shellsville. Our convenient location off Route 22 is only 20 minutes from downtown Harrisburg PA. We offer affordable drive-up and temperature-controlled storage unit options for any storage need. Whether you are looking for commercial storage near Harrisburg or residential storage 10 minutes from Hershey PA, ABC Storage has you covered. Rent or reserve self storage online today! ...

December 14th, 2020

Pack With Storage Supplies from Our Harrisburg PA Facility

Self Storage Tips

No one really looks forward to packing, but with ABC Storage, you do not have to stress. We have temperature-controlled and drive-up storage available in a range of sizes. We also sell storage supplies on-site in Harrisburg PA. Call our office and speak to an expert to see how we can help you! 1. Mark/Label That Box The key to organized storage is labeling all your boxes and bins. This goes beyond just noting which room in the house it will go to when it is unloaded. Make a list of all the items going into the box. Be sure to write down everything from the Keurig to the K-Cups to the random wine opener you threw in because the box had extra space. You are not going to remember which box is holding what once you drop them off in the storage unit. 2. Avoid Heavy Boxes This is easier said than done. A good piece of advice is to pack light items in your big boxes and heavy items in your smaller boxes. It is easier to carry a small box with heavy items than a large box with even more heavy items. Distribute that weight across multiple boxes so you avoid any unnecessary strain on your back and any box breakage. 3. Yes, Quality Matters If you are prepared for your move, you may have been stocking up boxes for a few months now. Examine each one before packing to assure it can hold the weight of what you are putting inside it. Use your best boxes for your heaviest and most fragile items. Need more boxes? That is not a problem. ABC Storage sells storage supplies on-site at our Harrisburg PA office. When you buy storage supplies during October, a percentage of the profits go to Susan G. Komen in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Find Your Storage and Storage Supplies in Harrisburg PA ABC Storage is ready to help you start storing. We have drive-up and temperature-controlled storage, as well as ...

October 1st, 2020

Find The Right Small Storage Unit Size for You Today

Self Storage Tips

The number of options when picking a storage unit size can be overwhelming if you've never used a self storage facility. It helps to have an understanding of the size of the items you are looking to store as well as the size of the storage unit you are attempting to fit everything into. ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA offers temperature-controlled and drive-up storage options in all sizes to assure that your needs are met, whether you are looking for a small storage unit for a handful of items or a large storage unit for your household furniture. Below outlines the different storage unit sizes and the types of items that can fit inside. Once you are ready to rent or reserve, visit our storage calculator on the Size Guide tab to determine which size would best accommodate your belongings. Small Storage Units In terms of your home, our small ­storage units stand at about the size of a walk-in closet. These ideally fit the content from an average-sized bedroom. You can fit a few pieces of larger furniture, such as desks and mattresses, and some small- or medium-sized boxes. Many people use small storage units when they need to clear some extra space in their garages, closets, attics, and sheds. These will comfortably fit your lawn mower, and golf clubs in colder weather. In warmer weather, your small storage unit can house holiday decorations and other seasonal pieces. We will keep your artificial tree in tip-top shape until you are ready to sing Christmas carols and bust out the ornaments. Our small storage units (drive up): 5x10 Our small storage units (temperature controlled):5x10 Medium Storage Units If small storage units hold one bedroom’s worth of items, medium storage units can hold two or three bedrooms’ worth. Now, you can include some bigger furniture, like kitchen appliances, a washer and dryer, and a sofa. If you are moving out of an apartment or condo, a medium storage unit will ...

August 11th, 2020

Temporary Storage Tips To Help You This Summer

Self Storage Tips

Make room for your new workspace or the kid's school work with temporary storage tips from ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA. How can short term storage options help you? Our outdoor storage is great for storing your spare car or the RV when you are not traveling. A storage unit has many benefits and with our month-to-month leases, you can choose your storage space and stay for as long as you need. Find more tips for using temporary storage here! Seasonal tools and equipment are better stored then staying in the garage. Use self-storage to make space at home for an office or school space. Make your new office feel spacious with plants. Add keepsakes around the house to feel at home. Store your RV or boat with us during the off-season or while staying home. Our RV and boat storage, drive-up self-storage, and Harrisburg PA storage rentals online can help you find the temporary storage ideas you need. Our storage units are available now online and conveniently rentable with our contactless payment options. You can rent, reserve, even pay your monthly bill online. Start renting today at ABC Storage on North Meadow Lane. ...

June 1st, 2020

Contactless Storage Rentals Now Available

Self Storage Tips

Between your everyday tasks and an upcoming move, there is a lot to get done. ABC Storage in Harrisburg wants to make one task on your to-do list a little easier, renting self-storage near you! Our contactless storage rentals make renting storage space hassle-free. Rent online today! Choose from a variety of storage units, small, large, indoor, drive up, you have all the options you need to stay organized. Self-storage can be the tool you need during a move, launching a new business, or straightening up the garage after winter. How to Rent Online: Select from a variety of storage units Add your general contact information - name, address, and phone number Reserving a parking space? No problem, select a date with the 2 week period highlighted. Next, add your address and verify your contact information. Select a secondary contact and choose your move-in date Choose insurance or provide your own information to our store manager! Input your payment information and confirm your storage rental. Your page will automatically refresh and you will receive instructions for completing the lease in your email. A lease will be sent to the email you provided. Complete the lease and receive your gate code. Once the signed lease is accepted by our manager you will receive your gate code and can start moving in! We Are Still Here To Help Are you a first-time renter or need assistance paying your bill online? ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has professionals to help you every day! You can email, call, or stop by our storage rental office on North Meadow Lane. Stop by to get to know us or pick up a few moving supplies. Our goal is to help you store with the right tools for the job starting with an easy online storage rental. ...

May 1st, 2020

How To Recover Useable Space After the Holidays

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Where did all your space go? If you find your open layout is no longer as open as you would like, renting a storage unit can help. Your holiday illuminations need space all their own, so no light goes broken. ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has organization tips to kick off the decade in the right direction. Whether it is your new year's resolution or an annual process, our post-holiday organization tips are helpful. Learn 5 quick tips to keep things straight during the new year. Hang wreaths from coat hangers with a garbage bag on top. Shoe organizers make simple sorting for wrapping paper. Shrinkwrap artificial trees to keep all parts together. Suspend rods in a storage bin to hang rows of ornaments inside. Stack plastic cups inside boxes to keep tree decorations safe. ABC Storage Amenities For You Parking Spaces for Rent Storage units in multiple sizes. Online solutions - pay your bill or rent your storage unit Knowledgeable staff on site. Directly off Allentown Boulevard Choosing a Storage Unit for Holiday Storage Which is the right size unit for the number of boxes you are storing? Use our quick size guide to help narrow down your choices. Once the storage unit is narrowed down, start moving your items to storage at ABC Storage on Meadow Lane. Our customers have access to the facility every day from 6 am to 10 pm. Rent online or come in to talk with our team today! ...

January 7th, 2020

We Are More Than Self Storage

Self Storage Tips

Functional Self-Storage Units ABC Storage is a leading operator of spacious self-storage units in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We offer several options, including standard and climate-controlled storage units, as well as recreational vehicle and trailer storage.2 Columns Security Measures By having security cameras and individual unit alarms installed within our units, we maintain uninterrupted security systems. To further protect our customers’ properties, we strictly prohibit the storage of: Flammable Materials Explosives Leaking Containers Hazardous Items Required Space Our outdoor storage area can store recreational vehicles and trailers up to 25’ long. As for other indoor storage, the presentation below illustrates different unit sizes to help you determine the size you need. 5’ x 10’ - Household Items, Furniture, Lawn Furniture, Garden Equipment 5’ x 20’ - Furniture and Household Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment without Appliances 10’ x 10’ - Furniture and Household Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment without Appliances 10’ x 15’ - Furniture and Household Items from a Two-Bedroom Apartment or a Small House with Major Appliances 10’ x 20’ - Furniture, Household Items, and Major Appliances from a Moderate to Large-Sized House or Small Automobile 10’ x 30’ - Contents of a 50’ Moving Van or a Small Automobile and a Row of Boxes  Contact us in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to obtain our cost-efficient self-storage units. ...

January 2nd, 2020

Which Storage Supplies Can Help You

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Choosing the right supplies goes past having the right number of boxes. ABC Storage knows that the right tools for the job can set you up for success in your storage unit. Stop in our office on Meadow Lane to discuss storage options as well as pick up storage supplies. Purchasing the right storage unit: 3 Easy Tips Take inventory of what you need to store Make a note of any specialty items that require special features. For example, storing your RV or boat Use our size guide to easily tell which is the correct storage unit to purchase. Helpful Supplies for A First Time Storer New to self storage? No problem! Pick up these supplies to keep your items safe while in storage. Damp Rid or a moisture-controlled product Storage Lock - Find one that can withstand the weather Heavy-Duty Tarps - Great for protecting everything in transit as well as a barrier for moisture on the storage unit floor. Covers - Fabric can accumulate dust while in storage, so to protect your furniture, find the right cover. Labels - These will be helpful when unpacking or sorting seasonal boxes. Storing the whole house or a few items from the holidays, ABC Storage has tools to help. ...

November 3rd, 2019