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Self Storage Tips

August 11th, 2020

The number of options when picking a storage unit size can be overwhelming if you've never used a self storage facility. It helps to have an understanding of the size of the items you are looking to store as well as the size of the storage unit you are attempting to fit everything into. ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA offers temperature-controlled and drive-up storage options in all sizes to assure that your needs are met, whether you are looking for a small storage unit for a handful of items or a large storage unit for your household furniture. Below outlines the different storage unit sizes and the types of items that can fit inside. Once you are ready to rent or reserve, visit our storage calculator on the Size Guide tab to determine which size would best accommodate your belongings.

Small Storage Units

In terms of your home, our small ­storage units stand at about the size of a walk-in closet. These ideally fit the content from an average-sized bedroom. You can fit a few pieces of larger furniture, such as desks and mattresses, and some small- or medium-sized boxes. Many people use small storage units when they need to clear some extra space in their garages, closets, attics, and sheds. These will comfortably fit your lawn mower, and golf clubs in colder weather. In warmer weather, your small storage unit can house holiday decorations and other seasonal pieces. We will keep your artificial tree in tip-top shape until you are ready to sing Christmas carols and bust out the ornaments.
Our small storage units (drive up): 5x10
Our small storage units (temperature controlled):5x10

Medium Storage Units

If small storage units hold one bedroom’s worth of items, medium storage units can hold two or three bedrooms’ worth. Now, you can include some bigger furniture, like kitchen appliances, a washer and dryer, and a sofa. If you are moving out of an apartment or condo, a medium storage unit will work well for you. Also, business owners can use self storage commercially, storing inventory and equipment. It’s cheaper than renting other spaces, and you only have to pay for the size you need.
Our medium storage units (drive up): 10x10, 5x20
Our medium storage units (temperature controlled): 8x8, 8x10, 10x10

Large Storage Units

You would rent a large storage unit if you are planning to move houses and need a place to keep your valuables and big items until you settle in. Our largest sizes can store the mattresses and bed frames from all your bedrooms, patio furniture, outdoor equipment, and all the other boxes you need to fit in as well. They are large enough to fit any extra vehicles or small boats you may have. This will keep your prized possessions in tact until the weather allows you to enjoy them again.
Our large storage units (drive up): 11x10, 6x20, 8x15, 10x20, 10x30, 10x35
Our large storage units (temperature controlled): 10x15, 11x20

Store at ABC Storage

No matter the season, ABC Storage in Harrisburg PA has all the storage you need. From large to small storage units, our spaces are clean, safe, and available now for you to move in your items. We also offer outdoor parking storage for vehicles. Rent or reserve your next storage unit online with our contactless service!