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Pack With Storage Supplies from Our Harrisburg, PA, Facility

No one really looks forward to packing, but with ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA, you do not have to stress. We have a wide selection of self storage solutions, including temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units in a range of sizes. In addition to being fully equipped for any Central Pennsylvania storage need, we also sell storage supplies in our North Meadow Lane office. Stop by today to stock up on boxes and bubble wrap, and check out our tips below to make the best use of the storage supplies you have.
Drive up storage units in Harrisburg PA

Packing Tips to Use Storage Supplies Effectively

1. Mark/Label That Box

The key to organized storage is labeling all your boxes and bins. This goes beyond just noting which room in the house it will go to when it is unloaded. Make a list of all the items going into the box. Be sure to write down everything from the Keurig to the K-Cups to the random wine opener you threw in because the box had extra space. You are not going to remember which box is holding what once you drop them off in the storage unit. You especially will not remember when you return after a few months.

2. Avoid Heavy Boxes

This is easier said than done. A good piece of advice is to pack light items in your big boxes and heavy items in your smaller boxes. It is easier to carry a small box with heavy items than a large box with even more heavy items. Distribute that weight across multiple boxes so you avoid any unnecessary strain on your back and any box breakage.

3. Yes, Quality Matters

If you are prepared for your move, you may have been stocking up boxes for a few months now. Examine each one before packing to assure it can hold the weight of what you are putting inside it. Use your best boxes for your heaviest and most fragile items. Need more boxes? That is not a problem. ABC Storage sells storage supplies on-site at our Harrisburg, PA, office. 

Find Your Self Storage Unit and Storage Supplies in Harrisburg, PA

Implementing strategic packing tips and techniques can significantly streamline your storage experience, leading to a more organized, accessible, and stress-free environment. By investing time and effort in proper planning, selecting the right storage supplies, and following expert advice, you can make the most of your storage space and supplies while ensuring the safety of your belongings.
If you’re ready to take control of your storage needs, rent a storage unit online from ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA, today! Our online storage rentals showcase our different storage units, allowing you to browse at your leisure and compare features. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage, as well as parking spaces. House everything from your seasonal storage, to your family treasures, to even your RV. Start renting self storage online with ABC Storage, and let us show you how a little extra storage space help you create a clutter-free and organized home.

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