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how to pack a storage unit

Tips for How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Finding affordable, quality self storage should not be difficult. That is why ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA, offers professional online storage resources for you on North Meadow Lane. Find and rent your storage online. Then go through our tips below on how to pack up your storage unit to make the most of the space you are renting!
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3 Tips: How to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Lay Out Your Storage Unit to Best Serve You

Create an aisle down the center of your storage unit to access your boxes easily, and make sure your most frequently needed items are close to the front to quick pick up and drop off. On the other hand, you should keep valuable items toward the back of your storage unit for security purposes.

2. Stack Boxes with the Heaviest on the Bottom

If you are planning to store a large load, stacking your heaviest boxes on the bottom will create a strong foundation for your other boxes. If light boxes are on the bottom, they and the items inside are risking damage. Use this same method when packing up your boxes and bins. Pack heavy objects, like books, on the bottom of the box to create a base for your other items. You can also bring shelving units into your storage unit to help keep you organized.

3. Mark the Items in Each Box or Bin

Labeling your boxes will make it easy to look for specific items when you visit your storage unit in the future. If you pack your boxes with similar objects, you can mark down the room or area of the house those items will go later once they are unpacked. If the box is relatively miscellaneous, label a few key objects or categories to remind yourself what is inside. For example, “garage tools” or “casserole dishes and Tupperware.”
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Renting Storage with ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA

Need self storage in Harrisburg, PA? ABC Storage on North Meadow Lane offers drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units to help you tackle storage loads of all sizes. Drive-up entry gives you easy loading access to reduce heavy lifting, and our indoor storage units provide secure housing for your sensitive items through any Pennsylvania season. In addition to our storage units, our outdoor parking spaces provide ample space where you need it most. Find the right storage unit for your residential or commercial storage needs here at ABC Storage.
Stop by our storage facility to see how we can best serve you! We are located right off Allentown Road between Shellsville and Skyline View, and we are not far from I-81. Our storage experts are available on-site to help you through the rental process and answer any questions. For quick answers about the storage unit size you need, visit our online storage calculator. You can rent or reserve your storage unit in person at our facility, over the phone, or completely online! Get started with ABC Storage today!

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