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Tips for Prepping a Vehicle for Winter Storage

Hey, central Pennsylvania residents, winter is coming. It is time to pack up your four-wheel toys into storage for colder months. Pennsylvania can bring on some harsh winter weather, but with ABC Storage, your car, boat, trailer, or RV can stay in good shape until you need it again in the spring. Stop by our self storage facility on North Meadow Road to see our vehicle storage solutions for winter! Once you pick out storage that works for you, prepare your vehicle to be stored away with these tips.
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5 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle While in Storage

1. Wash Interior & Exterior

You want to come back to your vehicle in the same condition you left it. Take the time to give your car a good cleaning—inside and out. When you finish scrubbing the exterior well, buff it out with some wax. Keep your paint job in top shape and prevent rusting. The inside also deserves as much attention. Crumbs can attract pests, and you do not want to return to a stain that has been sitting for months.

2. Fill Up Gas Tank

Make sure to fill your gas tank before storing your vehicle. This leaves less room for moisture to form and helps to avoid rusting in the fuel system. You should add stabilizer to your gas tank if you plan to store your vehicle for more than three months. Stabilizer absorbs moisture inside the tank and prevents varnish and gum.

3. Change Oil and Other Fluids

If you plan to store your vehicle for more than 30 days, it’s advisable to change the oil and filter. Old oil can contain contaminants that may harm the engine. Also, check and top off other fluids like the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Ensuring these fluids are fresh and at proper levels can prevent internal damage and ensure your vehicle is ready to drive once it’s out of storage.

4. Maintain Tire Pressure and Prevent Flat Spots

Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots from forming during long periods of storage. Flat spots occur when a vehicle’s weight rests on one portion of the tire for too long. For storage durations exceeding a few months, consider using tire stoppers or jacks to lift and remove weight off the tires.

5. Disconnect the Battery or Use a Battery Tender

If you’re storing your vehicle for a long time, the battery may drain. To prevent this, disconnect the battery or connect it to a battery tender. A battery tender keeps the battery charged at an optimal level and prevents the depletion of its charge over time. This way, you won’t return to a dead battery, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Reliable Storage for Your Vehicles in Harrisburg, PA

ABC Storage on North Meadow Lane is your choice for all things storage—from units to vehicle storage options. Our convenient location off Route 22 is only 20 minutes from downtown Harrisburg, PA. In addition to outdoor parking spaces, we offer affordable drive-up and temperature-controlled storage unit options for any storage need. Whether you are looking for commercial storage near Harrisburg or residential storage 10 minutes from Hershey, ABC Storage has you covered. Rent or reserve self storage online today!

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