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Top Mistakes We See from College Students Renting Storage

Are you a college student looking for an easier way to organize your belongings between school and home? Self storage is a convenient solution to house your belongings in one place. ABC Storage is happy to help nearby students get organized with affordable storage units near Harrisburg, PA. Find a storage unit with us online to take a load off your apartment or dorm room, and then follow our tips to avoid making these common college student storage mistakes!
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Mistakes College Students Should Avoid When Renting Storage

As college students navigate the challenges of balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and social lives, staying organized can make a significant impact on overall well-being and success. Renting a self-storage unit can be a game-changer for students, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution to declutter their dorms or apartments. By storing seasonal items, textbooks, or bulky sports equipment in a secure self-storage facility, students can create a more focused and serene living environment, conducive to productivity and relaxation. Take advantage of the benefits of self storage and take control of your college experience.

Picking the Wrong Size Storage Unit for What You Are Storing

There are a few easy ways to ensure you rent the correct size storage unit. First, you can use our online storage calculator for an estimation. Enter in the items you are looking to store, and it will recommend a cost-efficient storage unit size for that load. You can also call or stop by our office on North Meadow Lane to speak with a storage expert who can help you pick the right size and amenities for your items.
When you rent the wrong size storage unit, you will either run out of space too quickly and be left with another crammed space to deal with, or you are missing an opportunity to save money by only renting the square footage you need.

Hauling Extra Items Around in Storage

You are moving a lot during this stage of life. You move away from home, into a dorm, then into an apartment, and maybe even a different one or two after that before moving from school. Simplify your packing and moving processes by consolidating your load only to items that you still use or have sentimental value. You can go through your items before packing them into storage and sell or donate them. Each time you have to repack boxes, take it as a chance to sift through and cut down the load.

Taking an Unorganized Approach

When some items are home, some are at your school apartment, and others are in storage, it gets tricky very quickly trying to remember which objects are where. A simple list or spreadsheet is all you need as a quick reference to find specific items and stay organized. 

ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA

Looking for self storage near Albright College, Eastern University – Harrisburg, Widener University Commonwealth Law School, or Lebanon Valley College? ABC Storage in Harrisburg, PA, is just off Route 22 between Paxtonia and Shellsville. Our storage facility has outdoor vehicle options, as well as temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units to assist you with whatever storage project you need. You can find your college storage space by calling, stopping by our office, or renting online.

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