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Which Storage Supplies Can Help You

Choosing the right supplies goes past having the right number of boxes. ABC Storage knows that the right tools for the job can set you up for success in your storage unit. Stop in our office on Meadow Lane to discuss storage options as well as pick up storage supplies.

Purchasing the Right Storage Unit: 3 Easy Tips

  1. Take inventory of what you need to store
  2. Make a note of any specialty items that require special features. For example, storing your RV or boat
  3. Use our size guide to easily tell which is the correct storage unit to purchase.

Helpful Supplies for A First Time Self Storage Renter

New to self storage? No problem! Pick up these supplies to keep your items safe while in storage.
  1. Damp Rid or a moisture-controlled product
  2. Storage Lock – Find one that can withstand the weather
  3. Heavy-Duty Tarps – Great for protecting everything in transit as well as a barrier for moisture on the storage unit floor.
  4. Covers – Fabric can accumulate dust while in storage, so to protect your furniture, find the right cover.
  5. Labels – These will be helpful when unpacking or sorting seasonal boxes.
Storing the whole house or a few items from the holidays, ABC Storage has tools to help. Rent storage with us online today!

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